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Care Predict

Rosette Residential Senior Living  is proud to partner with CarePredict ensuring greater quality of care for our residents. CarePredict is a technologically advanced program that helps professional and family caregivers gain a deeper understanding and inside view by identifying changes in the behavior and health of a resident that can lead to illness, injury, or other medical issues. CarePredict helps to monitor food and water intake, sleeping patterns, movement, and even daily habits. It’s wearable technology that is unobtrusive, but vitally important.

CarePredict uses best-in-class technology to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. It helps to track location, falls, and more to help you understand where your loved one is and if they are safe. If you are worried or want to check in, there is even a touch-to-talk option where you can get their attention quickly. An additional plus is there is little to no downtime thanks to a swappable battery.

Statistics about care predict

69% Reduction

Fall Rate

39% Lower

Hospitalization Rate

67% Increase

Ability To Age In Place

37% Improvement

Staff Response Time

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