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Mobility comes first and foremost when designing a residential senior care home.

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The decision to leave ones home is certainly a challenging milestone. The memories and comfort a senior and their family takes in their home is immeasurable. For the senior this can often also represent a loss of independence. However many of the characteristics of the home, the family has loved, can quickly become the very same problems that begin to reduce the seniors safety and freedom. The stairs, the tub, the stone path in the garden and the area rugs are all items of the home that previously brought comfort, but now become a safety concern. Often leaving the senior confined to a small part of their own home. Grabbing that bedtime snack now becomes a source of anxiety as it means a walk up and down the steps, so perhaps it is skipped.

When designing Rosette Residential Senior Care we never wanted to lose the feeling and comfort of a residential home, however every renovation made was with the mobility needs of our residents in mind. We knew many of our residents would be coming to us from a home care situation and wanted them to enjoy the new sense of freedom they can feel at Rosette. In addition, the renovations made at Rosette very few would be able to achieve in their own home or would even want to.


Let’s start with our elevator. Our home is 6500 square feet and all our residents must have access to the ample common areas throughout inside and out. Our Elevator can easily accommodate a care giver and a resident who is in a wheelchair, those using walkers or residents who are simply uncomfortable with steps. Our residents occupying suites on the main floor will be able to access our fitness area, art programs and game nights on the lower garden level. There is no common area of the house including both decks and all gardens that will feel off limits to a resident.


This is where we wanted our residents to feel safe and a complete sense of mobility, no matter what their needs. We also wanted to provide a luxury experience in each of our residents private bathrooms. At Rosette all bathrooms are ADA.
Our sinks were each lovingly built and designed by local wood worker Michael O'Connor. They provide roll under comfort for residents in a wheelchair or those who simply prefer to sit as they do their daily routines.
Roll in showers were not a requirement, but one we felt strongly would improve the safety and lifestyle of our residents not to mention their lovely look!

Ramps Throughout

We installed a ramp in the front of the house but there is also a ramp off the back deck. These are part of our comprehensive fire safety regulations, but will also allow our residents to never feel intimidated by steps.


The flooring throughout the house is level and even. We took every consideration into mind to avoid any tripping hazards. We all love a beautiful area rug, but at Rosette you will not find any. The hard wood floors throughout the home provide a safe and even walking experience.

Safety bars throughout the home

All 9 bathrooms have safety bars in the showers and toilet ares. No worries for our bath takers Rosette has a tub in our 9th “common” bathroom. Also equipped with multiple safety bars and entry assistance.

Freedom of mobility for seniors is essential to mental well being and physical safety.

At Rosette we believe no one should feel unsafe in their home and loved ones finding themselves worrying every day is not quality of life.
It’s wonderful to welcome our first residents and have them immediately lose much of the fear that has dominated their daily life around their decreased mobility.
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